Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers

Today, we will be sharing a useful and great collection of Essential Chrome Extensions and these will be extremely useful for all designers and developers. I personally like Google Chrome a lot and mostly people consider it to be a great browser as it is quite simple in comparison to other browsers.

So, if you are looking to simplify your working procedure, we would strongly recommend you to go through this article and select the chrome extensions that are suitable for you. These extensions will definitely put a positive impact on your productivity.

CSS Grady

I am sure you have been facing hard time while generation CSS gradients. Well, with CSS Grady, things will get a lot easier.


ColorPicker 0.9

As the name suggests, you can pick any color of your choice from a web page and you can also change colors with it.


Pixlr Express

This is a perfect photo editor in order to accommodate recent photo editing needs. You can add effects, borders, text, stickers and a lot more.


Pixlr Editor

This is a great photo editor and the best part is that it is added into your browser so you will not have to download.



With CSS Shack you can create different layers just the way you can do it in Photoshop or other photo editors. You can then export these layers.


Balsamiq Mockups

This extension can be a lot helpful if you use Google Drive as you can create sketch-quality wireframes and even edit them and this all can be done within Google drive so will be less hassle.



If you are looking for an online IDE in order to develop HTML, CSS, PHP, Dropbox and other relevant stuff, ShiftEdit is a perfect extension for you.



I personally think that is one of the best app in case you are looking to create mockups, interactive protypes and different wireframes.


Palette for Chrome

This is one of my personal favorites as it helps in creating just perfect color palettes. All you need to is right click and select ‘Palette for Chrome’.


Web Developer

This particular extension is a great one for web developers as this extension will include a toolbar button within your browser having a lot of tools for web developers.


BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Sometimes we visit a website and we love the way it has been built, right? If this happens with you and you are looking to find out what this website was built with, you should get BuiltWith technology profiler. This will let you know what the website is made up of.



Reading a code can be tough and sometimes annoying so with Sight, you can make your code reading a little fun as it is a Syntax highlighter. You can select the font and theme of your own choice.



With the help of Custom CSS, you can manipulate how a website looks. In order to learn more, you will have to install Stylebot in your chrome.


Google Font Previewer for Chrome

As the name suggests, you can select a font from Google Font directory and preview it. You can make changes in the font i.e., styling and colors and once you are done, you can preview if the changes look good or not.



Well, CSSViewer is basically a trouble-free viewer and you can easily see your CSS property with it. This was basically an add-on for Firefoz introduced by Nicholas Huon.


Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Anno

Taking screenshots is an important task these days and with this extension, you can instantly capture the entire page or even half of the portion. You can even add a lot of effects.


Window Resizer

This extension will help you in resizing your browser’s window in order to accommodate different resolutions.


Speed Tracer (by Google)

If you are facing any problem with your web apps, Speed tracer will help you in identifying those problems. This can be very useful for all developers.


Chrome Flags

This is very interesting as with Chrome flags, you can easily display your country’s flag on your website. This will indicate your location to your visitors and looks good too.



The above mentioned extensions are really useful for all developers and designers. They will make lives a lot easier and work a lot convenient. In case we have missed out on an extension that you think can be useful, please share it with us. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and make sure your check out them and take benefit from these extensions. Do share your experience with us and feel free to add more to the list of extensions.

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