20 Best WordPress Templates Based on Cherry Framework

There’re a lot of reasons to choose WordPress for your website. But choosing your CMS is only half of the problem. Making it beautiful is another. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

There’s not so much time that your potential audience can waste on browsint through the site they have never seen before. So it’s important that they like it from the first glance. To provide it you need a suitable WordPress template — the one that will not only be good-looking, but also functional and easy to navigate.

Although you may choose to create your website from zero, but it will take a lot of effort. Often it’s not even necessary. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS out there, so there are a lot of pre-built themes and templates for you to use available right now. Why not to use what is already given to you? It saves you both time and money: the crucial resources that have better ways to be spent.

Ready-made designs cost you less than a hundred dollars. They can be installed and customized in the blick of an eye. And they are trendy, designed by people who know what people want to see on a website.

All of the templates featured in this article are based on the Cherry framework. They are all affordable, pretty and ready to use for your site. And there are plenty of benefits moreover! Such as:

Responsive Design

No wonder that the Internet is becoming increasingly mobile. Ignoring that could be really dangerous — especially if you’re only starting with your website. Your audience wants convenience that doesn’t suffer from using the ‘wrong’ device. To avoid that, the pre-built WordPress templates all have responsive design. This way, your site will stay mobile-friendly no matter what device is used.

Easily Customizable

Being built on Cherry framework, these themes are all easily customizable. That allows you to make a few final touches to your website. You also get a license to use all of the images the template goes with, so that’s one cool bonus too: sometimes the only thing you need is a pretty image on the right place.

Support Is Always There For You

All of the templates are by TemplateMonster.com, the biggest provider of the themes on the web. They provide you with 24/7 support, that helps you to deal with any problem you may encounter. You can order installation and customization help too.

Now let’s proceed to some of the best ready-made WordPress themes out there. Don’t panic if you can’t find anything you like among them though. The largest collection of WordPress themes is still on TemplateMonster.com and you will sure find something there!

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Responsive WordPress Theme for Cat Owners — Cat Club

It’s a fact that cats rule the Internet. Why not to make your own cat a royalty too? The Cat Club theme for WordPress will help you get your pet the respect it deserves. Its dark colors look stylish and elegant, while huge photos will get your cat the attention it deserves.
Cat Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Business WordPress Design — For Global Business

The world couldn’t be conquered if it doesn’t like you. To make the world like you — and your business — this theme is built around the idea of simplicity, that is a straight way to win people’s hearts.
Business Group Online WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Mobile-Friendly WordPress Template for Model Agency — World of Fashion

It’s impossible to love fashion and not to be fashionable. If you want to have a website dedicated to fashion, it should be beautiful enough for it. This theme surely provides this.
Model Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Light WordPress Template for Cooking Recipes — Fresh & Tasty

The best way to make a great meal is to be happy while cooking it. Cooking is great! It always makes you happy. This template is all about this idea. Its colors are light. In the same time there’s a lot of room for your beautiful photos, which surely will make your audience water their mouths.
Cooking Recipes Online WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WordPress Design for Plastic Surgeries — Subtle Beauty

The real beauty is always subtle. You can’t really see it, it’s more like you feel it. This template? It’s all about the feeling — the feeling of beauty, which is also the feeling that plastic surgeries try to provide.
Plastic Surgery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WordPress Theme for Mexican Cuisine — Hot Pepper

This template uses contrast to achieve vibrant, bright red-black design. It’s ideal for your website about mexican cuisine — just look at those peppers in the background. They make your website look hot!
Mexican Kitchen WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Template for Travel Agency — Paradise Travel

In their trips people often seek comfort and tranquility. They want to forget about their troubles and problems and simlpy enjoy life for a week or two. If you want to have a website for your travel agency, this design will give your customers just what they are looking for. Thus they will believe you’re the only one able to provide them with the truly ideal holiday.
Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Cherry Template for a Website about Jewelry – Tasteful Jewelry

Jewelry makes you look glamorous. This template is like jewelry for your webiste. It instantly communicates the idea of glamour.
Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Template for Garden Lovers — Creative Garden

We always feel calm in the garden. Gardens are nice and friendly and so is this theme. Dark background makes http://templatesledger.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10 of beautiful plants brighter and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.
Garden Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WordPress Design for Charity — Metaphor Charity

This theme is not only good-looking but also simple. This is very important for a charity website. It should be easy to help people.
Metaphor Charity WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WordPress Theme for Marketing Gurus – White Space Marketing Agency

Being innovative and clever is an important part of every marketing agency’s success. This template provides an easy way to highlight those qualities in the work of your agency.
White Space Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WordPress Template for Fashion Magazines — Modern Fashion

Nowadays your magazine should be present in two places at the same time. Internet is just as important as print. You don’t want to lose audience, do you? This template is a must if you want to make the website of your fashion magazine better.
Modern Fashion WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pregnancy Responsive WordPress Theme – Expecting a Baby

Having a baby is an experience that no one will ever forget. If you want to help people make these happy times even happier, there’s no better way than making a website about it! This theme will help you with doing it just right. It’s cute, friendly and even newborns will love it.
Pregnancy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Mobile-Friendly WordPress Template for a Website about Flowers – Floral Beauty

Flowers are such an important part of our lives. If you want to create a website dedicated to flowers, you should seek for a design that will make their beauty even brighter. Like this one.
Flowers Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Design for Universities – Excellent Education

Education is essential. But is it enjoyable? For a truly excellent education experience you can use this template for your university website. It’s mobile-friendly and trendy, which will make education fashionable once again for your students.
Flat University WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Light Mortgage WordPress Theme – Purchase a Home

A good choice for a website about loans and mortgages is something clean, light and elegant. This template makes it clear that you mean business.
Light Mortgage WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Template

If you make photos and want to create a portfolio for your works, it’s more than necessary to make this portfolio good-looking. This way, everybody who visits your website will understand that you appreciate beauty even before they look at your photos.
Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Design for a Website about Movies

There are already enough special effects and explosions in movies. A successful website about films should be first and foremost simple. This way the attention goes to trailers and posters — to the stuff people actually come to see.
Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elegant Car WordPress Theme – Stylish Black

You love elite cars? Then you have to stay classy. This theme may be affordable but it’s classy nevertheless – it’s never about the price, it’s about the feeling behind it.
Elegant Car WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Template for a Wind Energy Website — Green Energy

Green energy is an important part of modern society. If you want to tell the world more about it, your website should be modern too.
Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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